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Small Spaces, Big Impact: Tips for Remodeling Smaller Homes or Rooms

For those residing in smaller homes or working with limited room sizes, the challenge lies not just in making the space functional but also in creating an aesthetic appeal. Remodeling compact spaces demands ingenuity and a strategic approach. This guide provides insights and tips to help you make the most out of every square foot, ensuring that your small spaces leave a big impression.

Space-saving Design Hacks

  1. Multipurpose Furniture: Opt for furniture pieces that serve more than one function. Think sofa beds, ottomans with storage, or extendable dining tables. These allow for adaptability, catering to various needs without consuming extra space.
  2. Vertical Storage: When floor space is limited, look upwards. Wall-mounted shelves, tall storage units, or hanging storage solutions can free up valuable floor space while ensuring everything has its place.
  3. Sliding Doors: Unlike traditional swing doors, sliding doors, including pocket doors, save space by sliding into the wall or over the adjacent surface, maximizing the usable area in the room.
  4. Under-stair Storage: If you have a two-story home or a loft, the space underneath stairs can be converted into storage cabinets, a small office, or even a cozy reading nook.

The Pivotal Role of Lighting and Color Choices

  1. Natural Light: Maximize the influx of natural light. Bigger windows or strategically placed mirrors can help bounce light around the room, instantly making the space feel more open and airy.
  2. Layered Lighting: Combining ambient, task, and accent lighting allows you to adjust the brightness as per the activity, ensuring the space is optimally illuminated without overwhelming it.
  3. Light Colors: In general, lighter hues make a space feel bigger and brighter. Consider using soft tones of off-white, blue, or green for your walls. These shades reflect more light, enhancing the expansive feel.
  4. Accent Colors: While lighter colors expand a space visually, adding pops of accent colors through accessories or furniture can create depth, preventing the room from feeling monotonous.

Strategies to Amplify the Perception of Space

  1. Open Floor Plan: If feasible, consider knocking down unnecessary walls to create an open floor layout. This uninterrupted flow can make spaces seem larger than they are.
  2. Raised Furniture: Furniture pieces with legs, allowing sight of more floor, can create an illusion of more space. This slight elevation can make a room appear less crowded.
  3. Strategic Mirrors: Mirrors can visually double the space. Whether it’s a large wall mirror or mirrored furniture pieces, they reflect light and images, making the room feel more expansive.
  4. Declutter: It might sound simple, but the less cluttered a space, the larger it feels. Ensure everything has its designated spot. Opt for hidden storage solutions to keep miscellaneous items out of sight.
  5. Low-profile Furniture: In small rooms, furniture that sits closer to the ground gives the illusion of a taller ceiling. This can make the room feel more spacious vertically.
  6. Continuous Flooring: Using the same flooring throughout can create a cohesive look, making spaces seem more expansive. Breaks in flooring, such as different tiles or carpeting, can visually chop up the space.
  7. Use of Glass: Whether it’s a glass coffee table, clear acrylic chairs, or glass partitions, these transparent materials provide function without visually overwhelming the space.


While small spaces can pose design challenges, they also offer a unique opportunity to showcase creativity and innovation. Remember, it’s not just about the size; it’s about optimizing what you have to its fullest potential. With strategic design choices, even the coziest corners of your home can be transformed into functional, stylish spaces. Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing space, these tips can guide you in creating an environment that’s both practical and visually appealing. Embrace the charm of small spaces, and let your design make a significant impact.


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