ADA Accessories

An Accessible Home Will Make Your Day Easier

Install ADA accessories in your home

Do you find it difficult to get around your house? Or maybe it's tough to get in and out of the shower safely. There's no reason you can't customize your home to suit your needs. With ADA accessories from Interior Finish & Remodel, you can make your home easier to navigate. You'll get through your daily routine easier and can live a safer and more comfortable life.

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We can install all kinds of accessories

Whether you have a disability or just want your house to be easier to navigate, you can find ADA accessories to suit your needs. Consider upgrading your home with...

  • Wider doors that are easy to move through with any size equipment
  • Grab bars for your shower or toilet to make sitting and standing a cinch
  • Indoor ramps that will let you access any room without issue

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